The dynamic programmer

Distro transports plug-ins.


I yanked the support for Redis from the Distro module and moved into distro-redis. This makes distro lightweight and remove dependencies on third party modules on the code (for now).

If you want to use redis you will need to add dependencies no only on distro but also on distro-redis and when creating the distro factory pass the module to the create method.

	var distro = require('distro');
	var distroRedis = require('distro-redis')
	var server = distro.create(distroRedis).server(options);
	var client = distro.create(distroRedis).client(options);

A complete overhaul and tones of improvements on Distro.

From added support to Redis as a transport to bug fixes and various improvements in the API and over all usage experience.

Calculating distance and speed with the GeoLocation API - PhoneGap (Part 9).

We will be making some changes on the application to calculate traveled distance and speed based on duration and the distance between to sets of coordinates.

Deleting files with PhoneGap (Part 8).

On our application we are uploading files to a server, we need to delete the files from the device once we are done..

Displaying current and max speed with PhoneGap and Ionic (Part 7).

I want to display the current and maximun speed of the current session on the home page.

A few different ways to improve user feedback in our Ionic application (Part 6).

Showing upload progress, adding a navigation bar button and improving the user experience.